SOS Ambassador Team Guidelines


What we expect from the SOS Ambassador Team:

  • First and foremost, we want all SOS Ambassadors to comport themselves in a friendly/ambassadorial way whenever they are riding/training/racing.
  • You must also have a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously…except when it comes to hydration of course!
  • Spread the SOS gospel and try to be as knowledgeable as possible about our products.
  • Activate our various social media platforms through tagging and posts. More on Social Media below.


Social Media Requirements:

Please follow SOS’s various social media platforms:

  1. Twitter:@sosrehydrate
  2. Instagram:@sosrehydrate
  3. Facebook:Give us a “LIKE” at the SOSrehydrate page
  • When posting photos please tag @SOSrehydrate whenever possible, or post them to our FB page using #hydrationnation.
  • Please use the hashtags #hydrationnation, #realscience and #realhydration #TeamSOS #SOSRehydrate #SOSChallenge when using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • If/when possible, post/talk/blog about how you use our products to fuel your training/racing/adventures.
  • Send blogs/race updates/press to SOS ambassador team director and we will make sure that we trumpet them out through our social media channels, too.




Contract for SOS Ambassadors


We will ask all selected ambassadors to sign the following contract for the 2017 campaign:


SOS Ambassador Team Agreement 


This agreement is between SOS Rehydrate, a corporation in the business of marketing and promoting exercise and lifestyle hydration products with a principle place of business at _____________, and:

AMBASSADOR NAME : _______________________

PHONE NUMBER : _______________________         BIRTH DATE : _______________________

SHIPPING ADDRESS : _______________________

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES : _______________________



This agreement will become effective on the date below and will continue in effect through December 31, 2017. The Ambassador agrees to represent SOS Rehydrate and to perform the activities as listed in the Terms and Conditions. The contract will be renewable based on a review of performance and commitment to the below requirements.



  1. Exclusively use and endorse SOS Hydration products.
  2. Promote SOS products wherever possible, via word of mouth, social media, blogs, etc…using pictures & hashtags #TeamSOS #SOSRehydrate #SOSChallenge #realscience #realhydration and @sosrehydrate.
  3. Prominently display SOS decals on equipment during training and racing.
  4. Imprint SOS Rehydrate’s company logo on uniform, or wear SOS gear when training and racing.
  5. Exclusively use SOS water bottles during all racing and official training rides.
  6. Display SOS company logo on website or blog, with link to SOS website.
  7. Provide your tentative schedule with the events you’ll be participating in 45 days before any event (include races and activity/educational seminars you’ve scheduled to put on with a local SOS retailer). To
  8. Provide MONTHLY updates on results and activity in the field to the team manager.
  9. Support the marketing team, as needed at events in the field.
  10. Provide product feedback for our Research & Development department (taste testing) when requested.
  11. Provide 3-5 nutrition quotes on how you use SOS for content.
  12. Follow SOS Rehydrate on all social media channels.



  1. Free box of your favorite flavor of SOS, plus a branded water bottle.
  2. Branded SOS trucker hat & tattoos (USA only).
  3. Special Ambassador rates on ALL SOS Product.
  4. Participation in our Ambassador distributor programme.
  5. Participation in SOS incentive program, which offers reward points for; Social media, community interaction and joining local run clubs/racing in SOS Singlets as SOS Ambassadors.
  6. Access to private Facebook group to connect with other SOS Ambassadors.
  7. Bio on SOS website with link to your personal IG handle.
  8. Exclusive SOS digital badge for social media profiles.
  9. Feature your story on our SOS Website magazine page and posted on our social media channels.
  10. Invitations for special SOS VIP events with sponsored athletes, as available.
  11. We will provide sample products, within reason, for a select number of nutrition talks/events/seminars that you might be a part of in 2017.
  12. We will provide coupons for retail (Ralphs, Meijer, Longs,  Kroger SW,  King Sooper) and discount codes for your purchases.



This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party with written notice of thirty (30) days. AGREEMENT EXECUTED ON _________


_____________________                    ________________________