Interview with the Clean Sport Collective

Many sports are currently mired in drug scandals, with track & field currently one of the leading offenders.
Although large-scale reforms are required to address the cascade of problems associated with state-sponsored doping, there is plenty of work that can be done to address the culture of the sport at the grass-roots level.

It is arguably more important than ever that clean athletes demand transparency and trust from the products and supplements they are using. The risk versus reward equation does not exist in this scenario; there is nothing to be gained from products that are not independently tested by approved organisations.

As a company committed to consistent independent testing of our products, SOS spoke to the newly formed Clean Sport Collective about their plans for 

Afternoon tea with Neely


Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, Neely Spence-Gracey was 1st American in her debut marathon at Boston earlier this year. She has since capped off 2016 with a PR (2:34:55) and an 8th place finish at the New York City Marathon where she was also 2nd American.

Having trained at both sea level and altitude, do you have

The Fuelling Game

Fuelling 101 

The final 6 miles of a marathon are often a world of hurt that are difficult to describe, as your body wants nothing more than to stop and sit down on the side of the road.

Performance in a marathon is about limiting variables and controlling the controllable. Train hard, recover well and the variables associated with fitness are minimised. Practice pace judgement and the likelihood that you reach your goal starts to maximise. Fuel properly and you increase the chances of avoiding ‘the wall’ or the myriad of other names associated with struggling through the last 10-12km.

Fuelling is a strategy of supplementing the bodies diminishing glycogen stores throughout long distance racing. There are two sides

Prepare for Performance: Amazon Dash Button for SOS Hydration

sosdashPerformance at any level is defined by the finest of margins. From the weekend warrior battling with their personal record to an Olympian chasing the rewards of a lifetime of sacrifice, it can all be won or lost in an instant.


Training day-in, day-out takes a massive physical and mental toll, while gains in fitness can only be achieved when the body is able to recover. The window for recovery after a workout is small, and missing it can be the difference between achieving your goal and falling short.


Dehydration alone can

“I just want to drink beer and train like an animal” – Rod Dixon


There are substantial distinctions between the varying degrees of alcohol consumption, yet a reductionist method is consistently used to describe all use, particularly for athletes. This has been the case since 1948, when a medical investigation into cardiac disease found that alcohol could be beneficial, and whose physicians were prevented from publishing their findings. [i] Many still want to view alcohol with a pre-1948 lens, yet a strong case can now be made that the use of alcohol in athletics is disproportionate to its influence.

The above is highly prevalent in the U.S. collegiate system. In many colleges across America, student-athletes are required to sign clauses that require them to potentially forfeit their eligibility and scholarships

SOS and in competition use

The upcoming races in Brazil will see potentially the longest media mixed zone ever and you could spend as much as 50 minutes after your races going though this area and missing out on vital recovery and hydration after your performance and race, which you will need to get you ready for the next race.


So it is imperative that you hydrate efficiently and quickly as you enter this zone after your race.


To do this, make sure you mix your SOS into a non-branded bottle of water (you know Rule 40 rules by now) and then tape seal the top of the bottle. You must then label the bottle with you’re your Name and the UKA (your country) staff Name, Date and Time you handed the bottle over to the UKA (own country) medical staff. Check your own countries protocol.


Fancy running a mile?

OK fancy running a mile? Yep that’s 1609 meters or four laps of the track with 9 meters added on to make it the classic running distance known the world over.

Former world class miler and SOS aficionado Matt Yates gives you his lowdown of how to piece together the jigsaw that is a mile.

Matt Yates


Here we go, and first things first, the mile is a historic distance loved all over the world and the magical barrier of Sub 4 minutes is still revered on t

SOS tops independent research trial for effective hydration

SOS subjects’ hydration status significantly improved in an independent research trial.


A combined independent study, led by Coventry University and Newman University, in the United Kingdom, analyzed the effectiveness of rehydration beverages following an interval training session in highly trained middle-distance runners.


SOS was compared against an electrolyte sports drink tablet (Nuun) and a placebo of flavoured water.


The results were resoundingly in SOS’s favour.


Within 12 hours of drinking SOS, the subjects had recovered their plasma volume and body mass completely.


When taking the electrolyte tablet, or flavoured water, neither plasma volume or the body mass of the subjects had recovered to pre work out le

Triathlon Hydration. Tips from a beginner

One of SOS key sports is Triathlon. To help understand how beginners get through the hydration and fueling we asked one of our ambassadors Cami Straschnoy for her thoughts and learns.


What follows is her view on hydration and we are sure you’ll find it as helpful as we did!


Who is Cami?

I’m a 25-year-old age group triathlete trying to improve my 70.3’s times before going after the full Ironman. I work hard and eat well but that is not enough. You need to listen to your body and learn from its needs. Hydration and nutrition is a key component and one that casued me with loads of GI issues


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The Story Behind SOS Hydration

The Story Behind SOS Hydration


Who are they?


Brothers James (British Champ) & Tom Mayo (sub 4 miler), who are two ex International Middle Distance Athletes & Blanca Mayo (James wife) a Medical Doctor.

SOS Founders 


The Background:


Back in the 2004 Tom was in the shape of his life and was racing in Spain where he got severely dehydrated due to the unusually hot temperatures. On