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SOS college is our team of passionate students who not only promote and represent the SOS brand on campus, but who are also looking to advance their professional careers. SOS college provides students with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and play a key role in developing the SOS brand, while having fun in the process. SOS college team members* are innovative in their approach to promoting the brand on campus and are empowered to cultivate ideas for ways that most effectively popularize the brand.


Be a Trendsetter

There are two types of people in the world. There are those that lead and there are those that follow. With an elite athlete team that would have been 31st in the medal table at the 2016 Rio Olympic games and over one million SOS sticks sold in just our third year of existence, SOS knows what it takes to be a pioneer in a new product category. SOS college team members* are leaders on campus who apply their skills and intimate knowledge of their university to develop and expand on innovative and unique marketing strategies.

Know your Audience

Identify Opportunities

Be Influential


Utilize your creativity

Think beyond the boring. SOS college gives students the opportunity to design and implement their own ideas. We don’t like to be boxed in by rules and regulations and don’t think you do either.




Develop the SOS Brand

SOS college team members* are the face of the brand on campus. Every interaction or experience SOS college team members* create is a possibility to have influence. SOS college team members* are responsible for delivering positive memorable experiences and effective product education through all initiatives of the SOS college program.

Brand Awareness


Brand Identity



Be a Role-player

SOS college team members* are not just another dispensable cog in the machine. SOS college team members* are a valuable part of the SOS company and have the opportunity to make a real difference. SOS college team members* work closely with the SOS staff and are often presented job opportunities with SOS upon graduation.


Learn and Grow

SOS college team members* have the unique opportunity to learn what it takes to start and grow a business. Being a young company, SOS provides excellent insight into how to successfully make and shape a brand. Through involvement in the SOS college program, SOS college team members*also learn applicable career skills in marketing, communications, event planning, and teamwork. SOS college team members are an integral part of growing our SOS rehydrated world!

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