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SOS Rehydration Facts


Calories per serving


As effective as an IV drip3,4

To combat mild to moderate dehydration


Artificial additives.

What People Are Saying

Lil Jon

Lil Jon


Providing my hydrated mix for SOS as a huge thanks for making me feel human again this morning :) Download here.
Seb Fontaine

Seb Fontaine

Brix Smith

Brix Smith

My dearest SOS, your wonderful powder helps me every single day! I it!, It’s Magic!

Get Hydrated with SOS.
Feel the Difference and Improve Your Personal Performance.

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SOS Rehydrate is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement drink that has been created to prevent and help combat mild to moderate dehydration due to active lifestyles and physical performance.
Unlike most sports drinks, SOS has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less carbohydrates. When compared to energy drinks whose main ingredients are sugar and caffeine, they only give an artificial energy boost, and are not meant to hydrate you.
SOS Rehydrate uses the right mix of electrolytes that will help your body maximize it’s ability to get more out of water - so you can better hydrate and stay hydrated longer.