Who are SOS Rehydration Heroes?

SOS Rehydration Heroes are an extension of the SOS brand on campus. Work Hard, Play Hard. This mantra is the definition of who SOS Rehydration Heroes are. Rehydration Heroes are students who strive for greatness in all endeavors in which they participate, but also know how to cut loose and have fun. SOS Rehydration Heroes are innovative in their approach to promoting the brand on campus and empowered to cultivate ideas for ways that most effectively drive the brand.



  • Must be an actively enrolled student at the university
  • Must be in the second semester of freshman year or older
  • If a member of a fraternity/sorority, must be an initiated member
  • Must be either an influential member of a running organization (university cross country/track team or club), an influential member of at least one student organization, or both, and know how to have a good time
  • Must be in good standing with the university
  • Must be innovative and self-motivated
  • Must have a charismatic personality
  • Must have sufficient free time to complete the SOS Rehydration Hero requirements.
  • Must have demonstrated working knowledge of social media
  • Must have used SOS and have knowledge of the product
  • Must embody the SOS brand


What does it mean to be an SOS Rehydration Hero?

Being a SOS Rehydration Hero is about cultivating positive relationships centered around a shared passion for hydration through the creation of exciting and memorable experiences. The SOS Rehydration Hero program is much more than simply getting a check and some awesome product in return for completing a few menial tasks. It is about immersing yourself in the surrounding college culture and connecting with those around you on a personal level to stimulate moments of SOS want and need. SOS Rehydration Heroes are valuable members of the SOS team and work closely not only with the SOS company but each other as well. SOS Rehydration Heroes also have the opportunity to gain valuable real world experience in marketing, communications, event planning, and teamwork through their involvement with the program.


What do you get?

  • Monetary support along with SOS product and gear for personal use.
  • All materials necessary to complete requirements. This includes SOS product as well as materials related to demos, Pop-Up advertisements, and the branded event.
  • Access to a private Slack group to connect with other SOS Rehydration Heroes
  • Bio on SOS website with link to your personal IG handle
  • Exclusive SOS digital badge for social media profiles
  • Opportunity to post to SOS blog and have it promoted/featured via SOS social channels
  • Invitations to special events with sponsored athletes, as available


What’s expected in return?

  • Exclusively use and endorse SOS products.
  • Follow SOS Rehydrate on all social media channels.
  • Promote SOS products wherever possible, via word of mouth, social media, blogs, etc…
  • Conduct two SOS demos per semester in coordination with the local SOS thirst manager, one at a local retailer event and one at an on campus event.
  • Set up two Pop-Up advertisements per semester.
  • Develop and implement the marketing strategy to be used at one SOS branded event per semester along-side the other SOS Rehydration Hero at the school.
  • Give out a specified amount of SOS product with accompanying brochures and coupons each month.
  • Create a minimum of one social media post per month from at least one (preferably all) of your personal social media accounts using the following hashtags; #hydrationnation, #realscience and #realhydration, and including @sosrehydrate in all posts.
  • Participate in a monthly conference call between all SOS Rehydration Heroes and the team manager.
  • Write at least one message board post per week.
  • Have a weekly phone conversation with the team manager.
  • Provide product feedback for our Research & Development department (taste testing) when requested.




What is the SOS Rehydration Hero program?

The SOS Rehydration Hero program is a student driven campaign designed to reach, educate, and excite new SOS users on a collegiate level and turn them into loyal long-term fans. The SOS Rehydration Hero program attempts to utilize an effective marketing mix that extends brand awareness and produces positive memorable experiences, all while making the process a blast!

Rehydration Heroes are expected to represent the SOS brand on campus, and therefore carry themselves in a way conducive to SOS values. Rehydration Heroes are also expected to promote SOS in the best possible manner, constantly looking for new trends and opportunities that can more effectively popularize the brand.


What are the benefits of being a SOS Rehydration Hero?

Aside from the monetary support, awesome SOS gear, and product, SOS Rehydration Heroes have the opportunity to learn valuable marketing, communications, event planning, and teamwork skills that are exercised in the activities SOS Rehydration Heroes undertake. This experience along-side getting to be a part of a tight knit community company culture sets the SOS Rehydration Hero program apart.


Which schools have the SOS Rehydration Hero program?

Currently the only schools with available positions are in the Houston area. If you are interested in the program but go to a school in another area, feel free to submit an application anyway. Who knows, maybe your school will be added to the program next!


Where do I apply?

Check out the application under the apply tab at the top of this page!