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Covered Up: The Effect Of Tattoos On Sweat Rates

The following is the abstract from The Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise  Skin Tattoos Alter Sweat Rate and Sodium Concentration LUETKEMEIER, MAURIE JOE; HANISKO, JOSEPH MICHAEL; AHO, KYLE MATHIEW Abstract  The popularity of tattoos has increased tremendously in the last 10 years, particularly among athletes and military personnel. The tattooing process involves… Keep Reading


Hydration…It’s science.

There are no alternative facts about dehydration… It’s science. This post originally appeared at as a guest contribution from SOS co-founder & CEO James Mayo.  WHY IT MATTERS  Dehydration is a concern for everyone; during a normal day, the human body loses around two litres of water simply through breathing, sweating, urination and bowel… Keep Reading

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