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AUDIO: There’s A War On Sugar. Is It Justified?

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes… Many experts believe that we are currently in a ‘Big Tobacco moment for the Sugar industry’, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the parallels warrant warning. However, given that nutrition studies are not very robust compared to many other fields in biological science, some… Keep Reading


Hydration…It’s science.

There are no alternative facts about dehydration… It’s science. This post originally appeared at as a guest contribution from SOS co-founder & CEO James Mayo.  WHY IT MATTERS  Dehydration is a concern for everyone; during a normal day, the human body loses around two litres of water simply through breathing, sweating, urination and bowel… Keep Reading

How to Recover Like a Pro

How listening less to college coaches and more to Lance Armstrong will help you run faster… legally. There is a timeless saying, “you don’t get fit when you’re running; you get fit when you’re recovering”. If training was only about running then you’d barely stop, and Dean Karnazes would win every event from the 5,000m… Keep Reading

“I just want to drink beer and train like an animal” – Rod Dixon

Introduction There are substantial distinctions between the varying degrees of alcohol consumption, yet a reductionist method is consistently used to describe all use, particularly for athletes. This has been the case since 1948, when a medical investigation into cardiac disease found that alcohol could be beneficial, and whose physicians were prevented from publishing their findings.… Keep Reading

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