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The ‘Athletepreneur’ – An Interview with Nick Symmonds

Our friends at Runner’s Tribe caught up with 2 X Olympian, 2013 World Champs 800m Silver Medalist, Run Gum CEO and successful ‘Athletepreneur’, Nick Symmonds for an in depth chat on retiring from track and the epic journey’s which now lay ahead for this multi-talented individual as he takes on the Honolulu Marathon. On December the 10th you’re… Keep Reading

Food v Supplements

We all know a fast-food competitor, the person who, despite using a drive-through burger after training as their version of quick recovery nutrition, continues to run well. This same person is likely to take vitamins and other supplements because they know their nutrition is below average. Those who prioritise optimising their nutrition as part of their training… Keep Reading

What Our Perspiration Reveals About Us

We all know that we sweat when we are hot, anxious or embarrassed – it’s less well known that sweat actually carries emotional messages In 1934, a British physician named BA McSwiney stood before his colleagues at the Royal Society of Medicine and lamented that most folks didn’t concern themselves with the chemical composition of human… Keep Reading


WATCH: Hydration For Runners

About Elizabeth An NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player, Elizabeth transitioned into triathlon after college and is a multiple podium finisher at the Olympic and 70.3 race distance and a USAT National Qualifier at the Olympic distance. Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Humanities from UCSB, an MA Education in Health Sciences… Keep Reading

Fuel For A Faster Marathon

The final 10km of a marathon can be a world of hurt. Make it easier on yourself with a fuelling strategy. Performance in a marathon is about controlling the controllable. Train hard, recover well and the variables associated with fitness are minimised. Practice pace judgement and the likelihood that you reach your goal begins to increase.… Keep Reading

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