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The drinkable IV, SOS Recovery Hydration, has arrived

The drinkable IV, SOS Recovery Hydration, has arrived   SOS is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated new addition; the Mango flavoured “Recovery Hydration” formula.   Dehydration isn’t just for the sports field, it’s a round the clock issue, and is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Within sleek metallic black… Keep Reading

Boulder Track Club Joins The SOS Hydration Revolution

Boulder Track Club and SOS are excited to announce a new partnership that will see one of the USA’s fastest growing running groups introduce SOS as their exclusive hydration supplier. Since its formation in 2011 by Australian ex-pat Lee Troop, Boulder Track Club has established itself as the gold standard of training groups, combining community… Keep Reading

Rocky Mountain Brew Runs Get Hydrated

SOS is excited to announce a newly established sponsorship of an iconic Colorado event, the Rocky Mountain Brew Runs. The Rocky Mountain Brew Runs combines two of our favourite activities, running and drinking beer! Each event takes place at a unique Colorado microbrewery and consists of a 5km run followed by some of the best… Keep Reading

Want to be an SOS Ambassador?

Want to be an SOS Ambassador? If you love the brand, love everything we have to shout about and want to help influence our direction and growth then we want you to apply! This isn’t any old ambassador program. We have taken the best of whats out there and personalized it to SOS.  We have… Keep Reading

Founders chronicles: I’m a marathoner

Hi all, You know something …. I’m a marathoner!! James here.  As one of the founders of a drink thats focused on keeping you hydrated from activity and / or rehydrating post evening frivolity, I wanted to push my boundaries and reflect in practice what many of you SOS’ers compete in and thats run marathons.  … Keep Reading

The importance of self massage in recovery

The Importance of Self Massage in Recovery: Recovery is vital to performance. The body needs time to repair itself. Self massage and proper hydration are the keys to the door. This month we have teamed up with the team at Addaday who have kindly offered to give away several of their cool massage stix. We… Keep Reading

When to take SOS by founders James & Tom

    When to take SOS? As we know hydration is vital, knowing when to take SOS will help you hydrate effectively and you compete to your potential.  Here are some tips from the two founders and runners James and Tom.   BEFORE: It is important to be hydrated before exercise or competition, hence it… Keep Reading

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