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SOS Rehydrate Top Tips: Its all in the core!

SOS Rehydrate Top Tips:  Its all in the core! Our resident fitness guru Sean Bartram of Core Pilates and Fitness gives us his guide to the best core exercises for runners: The main benefit of a strong core to a distance runner is stabilization.   In the simplest of terms, the muscles of the core (abs,… Keep Reading

Top 5 Hydration Tips for a Marathon

Top 5 Hydration Tips for a Marathon   Kiri Price is an SOS Champion and inspiration to us all after having just completed her 80th marathon. She started using SOS on her 56th marathon last June and has used it on every marathon since, a total of 24 marathons in the past 14 months!  Here are… Keep Reading

Top 5 tips for running

Most people never really think about how they run, they just go out there and pile on the miles. Think about it? You learn to swim, learn to drive but no one ever teaches you how to run. We would therefore like to give you a few handy pointers to adapt your running style. After… Keep Reading

SOS Rehydrate features on Sky Sports News Q & A

SOS Rehydrate featured on Sky Sports News in a Q&A with Dr Blanca surrounding the issues of dehydration at the Football World Cup in the heat of Brazil http://www1.skysports.com/FIFA-World-Cup-2014/news/15241/9352560/world-cup-dehydration-qa-sos-rehydration-doctor-and-founder-dr-blanca-lizaola-explains-how-the-weather-in-brazil-will-be-impacting-upon-england8217s-players   Dehydration isn’t just relevant to our professional athletes, it affects all of us at some stage! Remember, that just by being thirsty you are already… Keep Reading

SOS Rehydrate review in Athletics Weekly

This weeks Athletics Weekly has just arrived and they are giving SOS rehydrate the low down.  Check out the link so see what they have to say as they join our rehydrated world! http://www.athleticsweekly.com/featured/product-review-sos-rehydrate-1794/                               #send4sos #sos4running #athleticsweekly #running #rehydration #recovery… Keep Reading

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