We have seen you are logging in from NZ! By viewing this site you acknowledge that you are entering a US website which produces a beverage and this market is regulated by the FDA Why do we ask you? Well here in NZ, the ‘electrolyte drink’ regulations set by FSANZ is outdated and requires SOS to add 10 teaspoons of sugar to our product to continue ‘solving hydration’. Utter madness. But rest assured we will not be changing the product that you know and love! We have made submissions to government to bring the outdated thinking up to speed on modern hydration science and as of 1 October we are delighted to announce that FSANZ are now opening the review of electrolyte drinks in Australia and New Zealand. PS. The review of standard P1030 has come to light since SOS challenged the current electrolyte drink sugar standard in the national media. Thanks to FSANZ, MPI and government Minister David Bennett for reviewing. PPS. The research we have listed here is peer reviewed and from the best universities in the world, we refuse to block this research and the subsequent claims that can be made. Read on and join the conversation.

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