CRAIG MCFARLANE – HEAD OF ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, ORACLE TEAM USAFrom docile mono hulls to 50 mph foiling Formula One style Catamarans, the new style of Americas Cup boat created more intense physical demands. The sailors now had to cope with heart rates fluxing @ 80-99% of max heart rate for the entire 30min race, power outputs on the handles anywhere up to 1300 watts, more high G maneuvers, sprinting across the tramp, energy expenditure @300-500 calories per race, not to mention the effects of dehydration and the need to recover quickly to perform at the same optimum levels for up to 2 races a day over a time frame of weeks.

With the high demands comes an even higher emphasis on athlete management and a tailored monitoring program. These tailored programs helped the athletes stay injury free so we have the ability to select from the best athletes/sailors at any one time to maximize our chances for positive outcomes.

Making sure athletes were hydrated before, during and after their 4-6 hour training / racing days, is paramount to minimizing drops in physical performance, aiding recovery and avoiding potential injuries. With SOS Rehydrate (an advanced electrolyte replacement hydration drink) we avoided any potential physiological issue related to compromised hydration.

Having done the due diligence of the top rehydration products on the market, as well as utilizing our internal hydration monitoring testing, SOS Rehydrate was by far and away the leading product compared to its competitors.

SOS Rehydrates desire to keep pushing innovation and staying leaders and not followers, makes it an easy choice for me to use their product with any professional sports teams & individuals I am involved with. I have no hesitation recommending SOS Rehydrate any level of athlete – amateur & professional.

Craig McFarlane

Oracle Team USA

Head of Athletic Performance

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