Dehydration simply put

Dehydration simply put, has negative effects across all aspects of human performance, mental and physical. Maybe surprisingly, the vast majority spend much of the day with some degree of dehydration.

In the paediatric hospital setting, we use an electrolyte drink to aid in hydration that is easy on the stomach and results in more water absorption than water itself.

Enter, SOS. The perfect sachet of goodness that provides this just result, for everyday life, not just for the sick in hospital.

Be it for just functioning better at work, or for sports improvement, this product is the perfect hydration product for all lifestyles.

As both an athlete and a medical professional I promote only in what I personally use and am passionate about, and this product is a no brainer, why function at a lower ability due to poor hydration. Get out and try SOS, you wont regret it!

Dr Sam Mayhew

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