The Story of Ultra Runner and SOS Champion Eric Orton

Eric Orton surely has his hands full – he’s not only an ultra runner, but also a coach, author of The Cool Impossible as well as the coach of the NY Times’ best selling Born To Run. We’re really proud to have Eric in our team of SOS champions and were stoked to have a chat with him during his Mountain Running Academy in Jackson to find out his story. Enjoy!


Where and how often do you run?

In the summer, I am on trails and in the mountains for all of my runs.  The mountains are so accessible here in Jackson that I can be on world-class trails either outside my door, in town, and a short drive North to Teton National Park.  I prefer big alpine mountain running with lots of vertical gain and this is what Jackson and the Teton’s are known for.  I tend to focus more on run time than miles because of the slower pace in the mountains and a typical week might be about 12-15 hours of running.


What is your SOS story?

I traveled to San Francisco on my book tour and a friend of mine there suggested I try SOS. Being a fat adapted runner, I am very fuel efficiency but still need a high level of electrolytes and when I tried SOS, I could immediately feel the performance gains of the electrolytes and didn’t have to deal with the negative effects of a high sugar and calories based mixture.  It no doubt felt like having an IV drip as a runner partner. I tend to lose a lot of sweat and weight during/after long runs, but this is no longer an issue once I started using SOS.  Not only does this improve my late in the run performance but equally helps my next day recovery time.  I was sold after this and I have come to rely only on SOS for runs up to 2:30 – 3:00 hours, which is huge not to have the need for calories.


What is your best running memory?

I have many memories, but one that will always be with me was my first mountain run in the Tetons.  I had spent 11 years running in Colorado before moving to Jackson, and running in the Tetons for the first time was mind blowing.  Everything is much closer to you and you feel like you are part of the mountains, the Tetons are truly world-class mountains with world-class trails.  And this run became so especially because I now knew this was my new home and in that moment, I realized how fortunate I am to live here!





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