MILITARY TRAININGI have a few good experiences to share.

So to start off, when I received the product it was day one of our Combat Lifesaver course. I handed one packet to every three students. The class was filled with snipers, K9 Dog Handlers, and Security Forces. I received word from all the K9 handlers, that SOS was amazing. Not only in the field, but after a rough day on the range as well. I told these guys what it was and how it worked,  Everyone came back with a great report.

Next, the snipers I work with and train. We have been in the field for the last three days and ZERO hydration casualties. Usually with these type of events we have to stick at least 2 to 3 personnel. Every time the students or cadre had any signs of hydration deficiency, we gave out a packet and drank away.

Instructor, US Sniper School

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