SOS and in competition use

The upcoming races in Brazil will see potentially the longest media mixed zone ever and you could spend as much as 50 minutes after your races going though this area and missing out on vital recovery and hydration after your performance and race, which you will need to get you ready for the next race.


So it is imperative that you hydrate efficiently and quickly as you enter this zone after your race.


To do this, make sure you mix your SOS into a non-branded bottle of water (you know Rule 40 rules by now) and then tape seal the top of the bottle. You must then label the bottle with you’re your Name and the UKA (your country) staff Name, Date and Time you handed the bottle over to the UKA (own country) medical staff. Check your own countries protocol.


We understand that a member of UKA (your country) will make sure you get the bottle a.s.a.p. After your race, before the mixed zone, but that’s only if you give them the pre mixed bottles.


By using SOS as soon as is possible after your races, the recovery and rehydration process is starting and in turn bringing you better recovery and performances.


We recommend that you mix 2 SOS sticks to a 16floz (500ml) bottle of water and give 2 bottles to the UKA (your country) staff member.


Any questions just ask us –



Do the business and come back home with top performances, we are cheering (silently on social media) all the way!!






Ps. we used electric insulation tape (in my Sunday football bag to hold up my shin pads) to seal our bottle but feel free to use what tape you want (Sport Tape) and dress up the non branded bottle how you want and also lets see your pics and you on the TV drinking it, as its not branded no probs but don’t go tagging us in the social media pics, but we will know what’s inside the bottle 🙂
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