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SOS Champion Ashley Relf writes for our blog on 2 Mental techniques to help Athletes

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Here are two techniques that will help you make key mental CHOICES during performance:


  1. 1.    See and believe in your success.

Stay focused on the process by making the choice to plan your optimal performance. The pre-planning should include taking in your surroundings in as much detail as possible.  As a runner – what it feels like to stick to your race plan, when to make your move, listening to your competitors breathing rate as well as staying in tune with your own, and what it feels like to make that final push up and over that climb to the finish line.


  1. 2.    Own your discomfort.

As we improve, discomfort stays the same, but it is up to you to own your discomfort.  You can do this by making choices on what to focus on when you’re feeling discomfort. For example, place yourself in situations where you experience discomfort so that when you are faced with discomfort you can see and believe that you can push past it and reach your success.


Stay hydrated and mentally tough!


Ashley Relf, MA

Performance Coach


San Francisco, California

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ashleyrelf SOS rehydrate

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