SOS Rehydrate Releases Research Study Challenging Effectiveness of Sugar in Sports Drinks


Study results challenge the idea that sugar additives equal energy in sports drinks

March 10, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) – SOS Rehydrate is the new healthy rehydration drink comprising the right balance of electrolytes for optimum hydration.  The beverage is 100% free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and colors.

SOS Rehydrate recently conducted an independent research study which found that SOS Rehydrate is capable of providing substantial rehydration and fluid retention, without the unnecessary excess sugar contained in the majority of leading sports drinks. This hydration capability, coupled with low sugar content, is what makes SOS Rehydrate the go-to drink of choice for many elite athletes.

Sir Ben Ainslie launches SOS Rehydrate, a new and cutting-edge electrolyte replacement drink.

This study, conducted by the Sports Performance Research Institute of AUT University, recruited 8 mid level distance runners who performed two single blind trials. During the trials, the participants consumed 500 ml of either the current sports drink market leader or SOS Rehydrate, followed by a 75 minute treadmill run while having their blood glucose, blood lactate, heart rate, blood pressure and feelings of thirst and fatigue recorded.


The runners’ results indicated that there were no statistically significant difference between the trials, thus challenging the notion that high levels of sugar are essential for aerobic performance and stamina. The market leading sports drink contains seven times more carbohydrates in the form of sugar (36 grams vs. 5 grams) than SOS Rehydrate, yet all participant performance measures were identical.


“The preliminary research results could not have been any more favorable to SOS Rehydrate’s mission to provide a healthy sports and lifestyle drink to the world,” said Dr. Lizaola, co-founder of SOS Rehydrate. “We have created a product that not only meets the World Health Organization’s standards, but also provides substantial rehydration without unnecessary excess sugar, that can potentially put our health at risk.”


Since the recent study indicates that high sugar content does not increase performance, SOS Rehydrate encourages consumers to question their sugar level intake as it can potentially lead to long term health problems such as chronic dehydration, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.



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