Dehydration simply put

Dehydration simply put, has negative effects across all aspects of human performance, mental and physical. Maybe surprisingly, the vast majority spend much of the day with some degree of dehydration.

In the paediatric hospital setting, we use an electrolyte drink to aid in hydration that is easy on the stomach and results in more water absorption than water itself.

Enter, SOS. The perfect sachet of goodness that provides this just result, for everyday life, not just for the sick in hospital.

Be it for just functioning better at work, or for sports improvement, this product is the perfect hydration product for all lifestyles.

As both an athlete and a medical professional I promote only in what I personally use and am passionate about, and this product is a no brainer, why funct

The Story of Ultra Runner and SOS Champion Eric Orton

Eric Orton surely has his hands full – he’s not only an ultra runner, but also a coach, author of The Cool Impossible as well as the coach of the NY Times’ best selling Born To Run. We’re really proud to have Eric in our team of SOS champions and were stoked to have a chat with him during his Mountain Running Academy in Jackson to find out his story. Enjoy!


Where and how often do you run?

In the summer, I am on trails and in the mountains for all of my runs.  The mountains are so accessible here in Jackson that I can be on world-class trails either outside my door, in town, and a short drive North

80 marathons and counting…

I have just completed my 80th marathon. I started using SOS on my 56th marathon – Wellington 2013 – and have used it on every marathon since except one and it was a bad experience – I was helping one of our Achilles athletes get through to the start line in his wheelchair and didn’t have time to dash back and grab my SOS so I used the electrolyte they had on the course. When I finished the marathon I was noticeably dehydrated, it took me longer to recover than usual, and I actually found the marathon harder going than I had anticipated. It was good, as I had got a bit blasé about running marathons without SOS as I’d been running them so well and feeling so good.

With the Achilles athletes that I coach, their marathons can take them considerably longer than


Phillipa HaleIt was great having SOS on board with our recent trip to Malaysia. All 4 members who used the product found it excellent. We used it when traveling to and from Malaysia and I feel like it made a big difference with jet lag and recovering from the flights.

I found that training in the humidity you can really notice when you are not hydrated I get kind of a hazy feeling and can’t think properly, having SOS took this away and made me feel clear headed and ready to train and compete! Richie and I didn’t


I just wanted to thank SOS for your support on our recent expeditions. We used SOS on expeditions to Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Himlung, Three Peaks of Nepal and Island Peak in the Himalaya, plus Carstensz Pyramid in West Papua. Our guides and climbers loved the sachets, finding the serving size perfect for rehydrating on the go and very lightweight compared to other products which is obviously key to expeditions such as these. SOS was a particular hit on the arduous jungle trek out from Carstensz Pyramid; 12 hour days through humid jungle, mud and swamps means that hydration is paramount and SOS definitely served us well in this regard! We are looking forward to using SOS on future expedition and look forward to taking it on our Everest summit expedition next year.

Warm regards,



Olympic SOS RehydrationThe SO+S product is a beneficial rehydrating aid to place into fluids to optimize hydration. I can see it being used for re-hydrating after exercise in the heat and gastro-intestinal upset, and also for prevention of dehydration.
I like the easy to open packs that are in an individual serve, the smell is good, and taste is good in both water and flavored drinks.


Senior Sports Dietitian

United States Olympic Committee


CRAIG MCFARLANE – HEAD OF ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, ORACLE TEAM USAFrom docile mono hulls to 50 mph foiling Formula One style Catamarans, the new style of Americas Cup boat created more intense physical demands. The sailors now had to cope with heart rates fluxing @ 80-99% of max heart rate for the entire 30min race, power outputs on the handles anywhere up to 1300 watts, more high G maneuvers, sprinting across the tramp, energy expenditure @300-500 calories per race, not to mention the effects of dehydration and the need to recov


PETE CUNNINGHAM - HEAD EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST ARTEMIS RACING“Artemis Racing were happy to use SOS hydration products throughout their preparations for the 34th America’s Cup. The sports science team found the product to be very effective at both restoring and maintaining hydration levels, whilst the sailors found the drink very palatable and easy to drink. We would strongly recommend the product to other sports professionals and athletes where de-hydration is a real concern”


Tried the SOS on my recent trip to Morocco high atlas. Very pleased with how it kept me hydrated; easy to mix, pleasant flavour and gentle on the stomach.  Good job, next stop Kilamanjaro.


Hi team SOS!

Yes I did use it and found it great. Much better for me than water that’s for sure.

I did a 130 mile run lately and used it on that and it did the job, great stuff altogether.


Thanks Jonny

Ultra Marathoner