The Holiday “Lifestyle Survival” Guide

Luckily for you January is the month for detoxing! However, to get to January, first we have to survive the Holiday season.

Tis the time of parties, reunions, family gatherings… and why not? It’s the end of the year and you deserve it!!

SOS Rehydrate - Rehydration Water Bottle

More often than not the holiday season leads to an increase in alcohol consumption and when you over indulge you can feel rotten the next morning.

Why is that?

Well apart from alcohol being not the best for you, alcohol is also a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that promotes the production of urine. Add caffeineted drinks to that (which are also diuretics) and that just doubles the problem. That means that whilst you may be feeling brilliant in the moment, they are at the same time draining your body of its electrolytes and water.

Hangovers therefore are partly dehydration related. You need to rehydrate! By rehydrating with the correct balance of electrolytes and water you will help eliminate some of those ugly mornings.

What to do?

Easy! Rehydrate with SOS. It has the correct balance of electrolytes and sugar to rehydrate you fast and effectively. Sports drinks only add to the effects of a hangover due to their high sugar content and lack of the correct balance of electrolytes.

Take an SOS packet with water before you go to bed and then again in the morning. We are not saying it will save you completely, but it will at least deal with the dehydration which, as we have mentioned, is one of the main factors of a hangover.

SOS Rehydrate Box - Lifestyle Survival

If all else fails then hold on, hang in, and enjoy the holidays!

SOS is: lifestyle survival

P.s As a side note SOS does not condone excessive or under age alcohol consumption.

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