Top 5 Hydration Tips for a Marathon

Top 5 Hydration Tips for a Marathon


Kiri Price is an SOS Champion and inspiration to us all after having just completed her 80th marathon. She started using SOS on her 56th marathon last June and has used it on every marathon since, a total of 24 marathons in the past 14 months!

 Here are her Top 5 Hydration Tips:

1 – Ensure you are well hydrated going into the marathon.

2 – Drink water at aid stations and SOS from your Camelbak or FuelBelt between stations.

3 – Take SOS @20min before the start and then regularly throughout.  Kiri consumes @1.5 – 2 ptrs of SOS in a marathon.

4 – Hydration is very important after the marathon to get you back to normal.

5 – Be aware of your hydration status throughout and adapt as required.

SOS Champion and marathon running inspiration
SOS Champion and marathon running inspiration














Kiri now explains in more detail her Marathon Hydration routine in a Q&A with co-founder Tom:

1. Do you use SOS before a marathon?


Yes, I’ll often drink a bottle or two of SOS a couple of days before the marathon to make sure I’m well hydrated going into it.


2. How do you hydrate during a race? Do you use a fuel belt/pack pack?


I carry SOS either in a Camelbak or in a Fuel Belt. If I’m using a Camelbak I’ll carry 1.5-2 liters with me. If I’m using my fuel belt I’ll carry a spare sachet incase I need to make up more during the run.


I tend to use the Camelbak on days when I’m doing marathons over 4hrs 30, and the fuel belt for the ones under 4hrs 30 as the longer you’re out there, the more you need, and carrying it in a Camelbak is so convenient.



3. When do you use it during a marathon?


I usually have some in the 20-30 mins before the start. During the marathon I’ll start drinking it regularly within the first few kilometers. I tend to drink water at the support stations along the way, and SOS in between the stations. During the course of a marathon I’ll drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of SOS. A lot depends on the day as well – how fast I’m running, the temperature, how I’m feeling, and the nature of the course.


4. How about afterwards?


It’s really important to rehydrate as soon as you finish, so if I do have any left in my Camelbak or bottles I’ll finish that off. Then I’ll aim to have another bottle after that.


5. What are the key signs of dehydration for you?


How I’m running, and how I’m feeling. The only time I’ve hit the wall in a marathon was when I tried something new and didn’t stick to my “plan”. Having the wheels “fall off” at 2hrs and 26 mins was no fun, and the rest of the marathon was a struggle! I make sure that I get my fuel and fluid on early, and at regular intervals, and this has got me through all of them in good steed.


How I am after a marathon is a great indication of how well hydrated I am, and the old urine test is the key. Needing to go to the loo at the end of a marathon is a good sign for me – it means that yes, I did drink enough – and that things are working as they should! Also the color of your urine is indicative of your hydration levels, and I’ve found that with SOS that I don’t get dehydrated like I used to. I also find that being well-hydrated means you recover a lot faster as well, and feel better!




Finally – what motivates you?


I am grateful that I can do what I love! Every finish is a celebration. I may not be that fast anymore, but I can still knock out a marathon, and for that I am grateful! With my coaching at GetRunning and AUT Millennium I am able to hopefully inspire others that they can set a goal, work towards it, and achieve it. With Achilles, I get to work with people that overcome physical challenges on a daily basis, and train for a marathon, and that puts things into perspective – I have two legs, I can see where I’m going – I’m blessed!


I’ve made amazing friendships, and met the most inspiring, incredible people along the way. I’ve been able to help others achieve their goals, and I’ve run in some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. I love what I do! Life is good!


To purchase SOS please click here:

SOS out on the course to keep you hydrated all the way to the finish!
SOS out on the course to keep you hydrated all the way to the finish!

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