Top 5 tips for running

Most people never really think about how they run, they just go out there and pile on the miles. Think about it? You learn to swim, learn to drive but no one ever teaches you how to run. We would therefore like to give you a few handy pointers to adapt your running style. After all, if you get the basics right, not only will it reduce injury, it will improve efficiency, speed and more importantly it will increase enjoyment! Running is one of the most accessible sports on the planet it should be something of enjoyment and not labour.

Here are SOS’ top 5 tips for a more enjoyable run.

1. Arms – Arms should move backwards and forwards. Many of you run with arms going across the body. This in turn creates a pendulum effect and means that the rest of your body goes sideways. Running is simple. It’s all about running forwards.
A Handy Tip: If you push your arms back they automatically propel forwards. Moving your arms helps propel your legs. Keep arms and hands relaxed and bent 90 degrees at the elbow.

2. Body – stand tall, think your body is attached to a plum line, lean from ankles. Many lean from the waist, which means that you impact directly into the ground. You need to be pushing the ground behind you.
A Handy Tip: Stand tall on tiptoes. Lean from the ankles, keeping body straight and at the point you loose balance is the position of your best running angle.

3. Relax – A relaxed body = less energy expended.

4. Quicker Cadence – Quicker cadence prevents overstriding. This doesn’t mean running quicker, it just means moving your legs through faster so you spe
nd less time on the ground.

5. Stay Hydrated – Remember a 2% loss in body weight through sweating can lead to a 20% loss in any performance.

Enjoy our rehydrated world and even more so when running the right way!



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