SOS Rehydrate Top 5 Tips: starting marathon training

SOS Rehydrate Top 5 Tips: starting marathon training

Congrats, your marathon entry has been accepted.  Now the realization dawns that you need to get a wiggle on and start training.

To make the most success of your race, be it your first or your 90th, there are some things that you need to sort before the training begins.  2 lucky readers will get a great pair of Marshall headphones and a months supply of SOS and will be selected from those shared on social media.

SOS is rehydration for runners
SOS is rehydration for runners

The Top 5:

Number 1 and close to our heart:

Hydration Strategy – A 2% loss in body weight through dehydration can lead to a 20% loss in performance.  Probably more important than clothing is your hydration and fueling strategy.  Get used to running with SOS at the start of your program and learn when to hydrate.  This is before, during and after.  So many people start training and forget hydrating after a run, which leads to compounding your dehydration status until it affects your performance.


The rehydration drink
The rehydration drink

2 – Running Style – We ran (no pun intended) a blog on running style a few months back ( Its key that you get your mechanics moving in one direction. If your body is in line then your injuries will be reduced.  The best time to learn is when starting back or refocusing on training again after a break.


3 – Core Strength – Our resident fitness expert Sean Bartram (Core Pilates and Fitness) stresses the need for a solid core.  This keeps your style strong throughout the marathon and you injury free.  Simple pilates routines can help with this.  Check out the blog we ran the other day on his core stability routine.


4 – Equipment – Trainers / sneakers that have been properly fitted and that suit your gait are essential.  We suggest buying a few pairs so that you have the same trainers to run in as you train in.  Shoe companies are constantly changing designs and there is nothing worse if the ole faithful trainers you have trained in suddenly go out of stock and you are left with blistered feet in a new pair of shoes.  A good sports store like Fleet Feet Sports, Up & Running and Shoe Clinic all will help you in your quest for good clothing and footware.


5 – Mix up the runs – Keep off the treadmill unless you cant run outside due to conditions.  Mix off-road with hills, with speed work, with longer runs and vary the routes.  If aids enjoyment take your tunes with you! We recommend Marshall Headphones and are giving away a pair with a months supply of SOS to 2 people selected from our retweeters and / or sharers of #sosblog @sosrehydrate


We will be following up with a few more tips as we progress through our marathon training blogs

Good luck and happy rehydrated running!!

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