Triathlon Hydration. Tips from a beginner

One of SOS key sports is Triathlon. To help understand how beginners get through the hydration and fueling we asked one of our ambassadors Cami Straschnoy for her thoughts and learns.


What follows is her view on hydration and we are sure you’ll find it as helpful as we did!


Who is Cami?

I’m a 25-year-old age group triathlete trying to improve my 70.3’s times before going after the full Ironman. I work hard and eat well but that is not enough. You need to listen to your body and learn from its needs. Hydration and nutrition is a key component and one that casued me with loads of GI issues


SOS in the house!
SOS in the house!

The result:

Ironman 70.3 Florida in Haines City was my third half and the first race with no GI problems and a 23minute PR!!


How did I get to this?

The two races before this one my nutrition plan during the race included different sports drinks, bars and gels which led to a horrible experience on one of the 70.3’s and stomach cramps in all sorts of shorter triathlon races. Basically a GI nightmare.


Why did I change my plan?

So I started thinking what made my stomach so upset during races. My final conclusion was that my system was too clean and during race situations my body got stressed and couldn’t process all those things I was eating and drinking during the race. I always trained with SOS and natural food and during the race I grabbed WHATEVER they gave me at the aid station for the sake of keeping hydrated (especially in the South Florida heat) when my bike bottles were over or while running. Last year during Miami 70.3 I ended up throwing up during the half marathon and that ruined all my hard work and months of training.

I started working with Elizabeth Inpyn as my nutrition coach and she was the one who introduced me to my now favorite sport drink SOS. She sends me a monthly plan with my meals and recipes that I try to follow to my best (though sometimes I don’t but don’t tell her!). But either I’m strictly following her plan or not my diet is extra healthy. I’m a pescetarian. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and unprocessed organic food much as I can.


Change Implemented:

For my last 70.3 I decided to change my game. I followed my nutrition coach diet as strictly as I could for the weeks prior to the race. I made sure to get enough carbs the two days before so my glycogen deposits were full and I drunk plenty of fluids between plain water and SOS+ bottles. I had my pre race breakfast, which is always the same: Gluten Free oatmeal with a spoon of honey and a spoon of organic almond butter and a glass of coconut water. I always drive to the race and have with me a bottle with SOS+ to stay hydrated as between my breakfast and my wave stat as sometimes 3 hours go by and I want to keep hydrating and a gel. Here was my real change: For the race I had two bottles of 750ml of water with 3 SOS servings each for the bike and natural honey gels. For the run I had exactly the same gels and some SOS servings stocked in my pocket. My plan was to only grab water at the aid stations and only consume what I took. During the run I opened SOS servings in my mouth and just grabbed water cups at the aid stations. This was the best thing I could do. For the first time in a race I felt full of energy from beginning to the end. I didn’t suffer any abdominal pain or GI problems, I didn’t cramp, and I didn’t hit any wall. I did a 23 minute PR feeling great.

After racing i always includes a bottle of SOS, plenty of water, and a decent portion of protein and some carbs to start recovering and thinking about the following challenge.


You either have SOS or you don't ...




I will test this plan again at Raleigh 70.3 the first week of June and if it still works as great as it did, it will be my plan for Australia 70.3 world championship.


As a new athlete I learned the hard way making my own mistakes. I hope this can help other triathletes with their SOS hydration plans for their races, and, although I still have so much to learn about the sport and my own body, I’m starting to walk the right path and understand.



Thank you Cami for sharing your thoughts.  Check out her triathlon adventures on instagram


Happy Hydrating!


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