Want to be an SOS Ambassador?

Want to be an SOS Ambassador?

Team SOS

If you love the brand, love everything we have to shout about and want to help influence our direction and growth then we want you to apply!

This isn’t any old ambassador program. We have taken the best of whats out there and personalized it to SOS.  We have even created some limited edition Team SOS packaging as a thank you.

Ambassador Limited Edition Stix

Who are SOS Ambassadors?

SOS ambassadors are serious about staying hydrated as part of living a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s training, going about their day or letting their hair down once in a while.

They’re not professional or sponsored athletes, but they are dedicated to setting goals, pushing themselves and sticking to a plan that will get them their next PR.

SOS Ambassadors embody the brand and its attitude: They’re serious about training and geek out over the finer points of their sport, whether it’s testing new gear, searching for their best-fitting running shoes, tracking stats or tweaking nutrition to give them an edge.

Inasmuch, SOS Ambassadors are influential in their communities; they record the ins and out of their training cycles — not just for vanity, but in order to go back, study and improve the the next round.

They’re willing to endorse SOS — not just because they’ve been offered the opportunity but because they truly believe they have found a product that addresses their needs, and they would like to tell others about it and be seen as somewhat of a subject-matter expert.


What does it mean to be an SOS Ambassador?

Being an SOS Ambassador isn’t just about getting material goods in exchange for a few tweets; it’s about doing something bigger and better — and belonging to a community.

Sure, through the SOS Ambassador program, members will have the opportunity to stay super-hydrated, but it’s about much more than that. It’s about connecting with other people in your sport, bonding over shared passions and helping each other conquer new goals, along with a few surprises along the way.

SOS Trucker Cap

What do you get?

Free box of favorite flavor of SOS, plus a branded water bottle

Branded gear at various stages throughout the year.

Participation in SOS incentive program, which offers a personal discount that grows in proportion to your sales

Access to private Facebook group to connect with other SOS Ambassadors

Bio on SOS website with link to your personal Social Media handle

Exclusive SOS digital badge for social media profiles

Opportunity to post to SOS blog and have it promoted/featured via SOS social channels

Invitations for special events with sponsored athletes, as available


What’s expected in return?

Positively engage in the community, representing SOS

Keep SOS in the loop regarding race schedules so SOS can promote the team and its activity

Possibly be available for guest blogging or SOS events, as desired

Refrain from promoting competitive brands via blogs or social media

Carry an SOS Bottle or wear an SOS tattoo / gear when competing

Post SOS logo/badge on website or blog, and interact with SOS via various social media channels

Provide photos of themselves hydrating with SOS and promote it as their sole hydration product

Promote SOS in local stores that stock SOS through passing out coupons to your community

If possible organize events and give aways to encourage trial

Encourage your community to follow SOS social media



Then please apply HERE to become the pioneering members of Team SOS

Applications close the 16th June 2015


Unfortunately not everyone will be successful this time round and as one of the founders I apologies for this. Nothing personal, we are just opening with a small number to start and in specific locations, so that we get it right for everyone going forward.  We will be reopening applications at the end of the year.

So I thank all of you for your love of SOS and look forward to continuing our journey together!

Welcome to Our Rehydrated World






More information on the SOS Ambassador program can be found HERE


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